My ethos behind creating the soul coach is that every person is their own best healer.

No one can know your struggles, your strengths or your story as well as you do. Your deepest desires, life's purpose and highest goals are all already inside of you.

Even if you can't see them yet.

We all have blind spots, limiting beliefs, unconscious blocks and mindset work to do, that is part of being human.

It is my job to hold space for this transformation. Guiding you along the path because I have walked the same one. Sharing what I learned along the way and creating a safe container for you at any stage of your journey.

Natal Chart Coaching

A comprehensive look at the placement of the zodiac signs and planets at the time of your birth. It holds keys of your soul's desires, your inherent gifts as well as ways to overcome struggles on your path to self actualization.

1:1 holding space container

A safe container for the women who is transforming into the person she knows she is meant to become and needs guidance, support and a safe space to just "be".

Zodiac Axes Integration Courses


Balancing the energy of the oppositional signs and houses to create balance in flow in all areas of your life.

Hi, I’m Anna.

The soul behind the soul coach. I created this platform to bring heart led, intuitive based astrology and mentoring to the world of self actualization. I believe that you are a limitless soul in a human body, it is our job to shed the conditioning of the past so we can bring in the future of our wildest desires.

Walk with me on your journey.

"I feel empowered and more confident now in moving forward with my goals. I feel so fortunate to have spent time with this wonderful women !"

- Lynn M.